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Review of electoral arrangements - County Council of Gwynedd

The Boundary Commission’s Final Recommendations Report for Gwynedd County Council was submitted to Welsh Ministers on 6 November 2018. There is a period of six weeks where Welsh Ministers may not make an Order. You may wish to take this opportunity to write to them with your views on the Final Recommendations. The six week period will end on 18 December 2018.

The Final Recommendations Report contains all of the Commission’s recommendations for the County of Gwynedd. Where it has made changes to the existing arrangements a description of the change, the representations it has received, the reasons for any change and a map of the proposals are contained in the report.

The Commission has now discharged its duties and it is now for Welsh Government and it’s Ministers to decide how to proceed. Ordinarily they will make an Order.

The Commission would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to make representations as well as the County Council for their assistance in the conduct of the review.

The reports, maps and other supporting information for the review can be found below.

Refurbishment of the War Memorial Cross Bangor

The War Memorial Cross, plinths, steps, slabs and naming slates have recently been repaired and renovated by the City Council as part of the 100 year Remembrance of the end of World War 1.

Successful grant applications with monies from CADW and the War Memorials Trust as well as a contribution from the City Council have enabled the work to be undertaken.

Works included cleaning, stone repairs, resin pinning, mortar re-pointing, brass cleaning, parapet, stone and blockwork repairs. It also entailed a refurbishment of the slate slabs and repainting of the lettering.

France Moreton, Director of the War Memorials Trust said “War memorials are a tangible connection to our shared past creating a link between the fallen and today. It is vital we ensure all our war memorials are in the best possible condition for their age and the charity is delighted to support this project. The centenary of World War 1 is a wonderful opportunity for communities across the country to protect and conserve their war memorials. If anyone knows of any other war memorials that need attention please contact us.”

The Mayor of Bangor, Councillor John Wynn Jones said “This important renovation will enhance the City Centre and give us a war memorial to be proud of. This is a place where respect and remembrance is given to the fallen, we must therefore ensure it is kept in good condition and held in great esteem”

Town Clerk, Ian Jones said “we are grateful to Welsh Government, CADW and the War Memorials Trust for their help and guidance in funding this work as the Memorial was suffering some disrepair and neglect. We hope this renovation will keep the cross and memorial in good stead for many years to come.”

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Bangor Garth Pier Restoration Project

Bangor City Council has resolved to repair and restore the Garth Pier which has not received any major maintenance works for many years and is now in need of a refurbishment. The last restoration and renovation programme was in 1986.

Due to the precarious nature of this work substantial scaffolding is required as is stringent Health and Safety measures. There is also a requirement to dispose of all waste material in compliance with the regulations and a Marine Licence application was made and lodged with Natural Resources Wales and a dialogue has been ongoing with other interested parties.

The City Council apologises for any inconvenience during this construction project but these works are deemed necessary to secure the future stability and safety of the Pier for future generations to enjoy.

Bangor City Council helps keep public toilets open

The City of Bangor Council has dug deep into its finances to form a partnership with Gwynedd Council to keep open the three Gwynedd owned public toilets in the City.

For 2018/19 the City Council will contribute £10,000 to ensure the toilets remain open as Gwynedd cuts bite deep into the public services provided in the City. From 2018 the Council will look at other ways of maintaining the provision of public conveniences. The three toilets are located at Glanrafon, Tanfynwent and Garth Road. The City Council’s own public toilet at the end of the Pier is unaffected as this is already maintained by the City.

City Councillors felt it was imperative at this time of cutbacks that under-threat toilet provision had to be maintained and consideration was given to taking them over completely, however the Town Clerk informed the Council that taking them over was not an option available at present but could be feasible subject to conditions at a later date.